Subscribe to the magazine!

We are going into the third round of the Print Magazine! We want to make it easier for you to support us and women‘s wakeboarding. You can now subscribe to the magazine. If you didn’t already know paper prices have doubled and tripled so we need to go with it. We hope it doesn’t hold you back from supporting the art piece that I made for you. With the subscription, I will send you a Sticker Sheet and Patches, which are not otherwise available! 

Get to see Interviews of amazing women wakeboarders with photos from the best photographers in the scene. Support each other, love each other, go ride with each other! 

Why Print? To give us a break from the digital world! We are more than a swipe, we are more than pictures, videos, and cheesy captions on Instagram. I want to show how special every single woman is and that you are not alone behind that phone screen.

All that I’m doing would never happen without these beautiful people around me and supporting me since day one in what I believe! Biggest thank you to Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Nadine Richter, Bryan Soderlind, Jeff Mathis, Chris Lehnert, Momo Dudzinski, Ellery Hunt, and Edna Haines Jacobsen. 

I just love art, I love creating and I love doing a little piece for the sport of wakeboarding. 

with love from SINA

PS: If you didn’t have the chance to look at one of our magazines here is a little sneak peek from the first magazine: