Sewer Cats -The Sequel


We did it again – camping chairs, stinging nettles, and sunburn. Spicy Food, rainy days, and camera issues. We spent four weeks in Czech – being 24/7 in free nature, enjoying the time together, stepping out of our comfort zone, and having a hell of a lot of fun! For sure a bunch of problems we didn’t expect but solving them like queens. I still don’t know what Hello means in Czech and I’m also still waiting on a crazy expensive bill for not paying that one camping ground.

Yes, this time we got kicked out but only at two spots out of 20 – would call it a solid average. Czech has beautiful architecture and a lot of good winch spots. Luca Glinski, Anne Freyer, Joelina Gerards, and me (Sina Fuchs) went for it with Patrick Catford as our filmer. After zero standards last year, of course, we were a little bit nervous this time because we want to deliver, also for the sponsors. We are more than happy to announce the support of Soundboks and Fritzkola! Thank you so much! Thank you also for the support and ripping in front of the camera – Marius Heller, Nadine Richter, Nada Hornakova, Fleischi (Dominic Fleischer) and Katinka Buiting! 

Enjoy our second winch movie – SEWER CATS THE SEQUEL!