Interview With Leonie

ey Leonie! I’m always stoked to meet new girls and even more when they love to shred! 

Hey, I`m super stoked to be part of this magazine!  

How old are you and what are you doing right now? 

I’m 16 years old and attending 10th grade. Despite Corona, I had a great season this year, so of course, I’m missing summertime right now. But I’m looking forward to season 2021 and thinking about my goals and what tricks to learn next year. Also, I’m already very excited about my new Board, the “Virago” from Liquid Force. Since Corona prevents visiting other cables which would be still opened in November, I’m following the wakeboard scene on Instagram to stay motivated.  

How did you get into wakeboarding? 

I’m living next to my home cable Wildwakepark. It’s just 2 km away and I can go there using my bike. I often watched the riders when I was younger and was impressed by the tricks they did. So in 2015 when I was eleven I asked my parents if I can do a wakeboarding course for beginners. This was the starting point for my wakeboard passion. I had a lot of fun during my first days on the water and I decided that I want to do it more often. For my next birthday, I got my first own wakeboard and a season card and since then I tried to go wakeboarding as often as I can.

It just makes me happy to see girls shredding – how do you get your inspiration? 

On the one hand I get my inspiration from the guys at my homecable. I love to shred with them and they always give me tips how to improve my skills. On the other hand it motivates me to see other girls shredding. No matter if it is in real life or on Instagram. That is why I think that Copycatsclub is an amazing idea to inspire each other. Especially during winter it is a great opportunity to watch wakeboard clips of female riders and figure out my goals for the next season. Another big inspiration for me this year was the “Ponyhof”. It was an amazing experience for me to shred with other girls and to see, what they can do. If someone asks for my role model, I would say Anna Nikstad, but of course, there are so many riders I look up to. 

 I heard that your home cable is supporting you as of this year, is that right? 

Yes, that’s right. My cable Wildwakepark in Schwandorf sponsors me since this summer. I was super super happy when Chrystelle and Stephen Wild told me about that. So in this way a big thanks to them. I’m looking forward to my new 2021 setup I’ll get from them and taking part in contests.

Okey wakeboarding and school, what else are you doing with your time, any hobbies or plans after school?

 During winter I play table tennis and go running to stay fit for the season and in summer I spend every free minute on the water. After school, I want to go to university, but as I still have 3 years at school, I’m not quite sure what exactly I want to do afterwards. But one thing I’m sure about is to have further fun on the water in the future.

We invited you this year to Ponyhof, what did you expect and how was it for you? 

Last summer Sina Fuchs visited Wildwakepark and after watching me riding she asked me if I would like to come to Ponyhof in a few weeks, which I was super happy about. I was very excited to meet all the girls there, who I just knew from their Instagram. It was also my first time to ride on a system with obstacles and I couldn’t imagine an old swimming pool for wakeboarding at first, but when I looked on Instagram for the pictures from the last years, I got really excited and later the setup turned out to be really fun. The girls were very nice and chilled and I had a great time with them. As I said before it really gives me the motivation to shred with other girls. It was a great experience to meet riders from all over Germany and even France, who already made a lot of experiences in the wakeboarding scene. Especially the night shoot was a highlight for me and I would really love to go to Ponyhof again.   

How do you see wakeboarding compared to other sports? 

For me, wakeboarding is more than just a sport, because in comparison to other activities it isn’t only about getting better and learning new skills. It is more about spending time with your friends on the water and hang out with them after shredding, watching other riders, doing trips to other cables, and so on. For example, at my home cable we always give each other tips on what to do better, do challenges on the water even with silly things and just have a good time. The crew there is like a big family. Even if I haven’t been to a lot of contests so far, I think the riders are a lot more chilled there than in other sports, especially when it comes to dealing with their competitors, because in other sports the opponents don’t care about each other and everybody just wants to win.