I remember my first glimpse of Mt. Isarog reflecting off the morning butter at CWC Wake Park. I couldnʼt really tell if I had just died in a fiery bus crash and made it to heaven or not because the view and vibe were like no other place I have ever experienced. I first visited CamSur back in 2016. I ended up staying for over 3 months because I was hooked and kept changing my ticket home. Waking up with the sun every day, driving straight to the cable and riding all day long only to take breaks when the ‘spring roll ladyʼ showed up. And days when I could barely hold a handle, a short drive could bring you to the markets or up the mountain to hot springs or waterfalls. Since that first trip, Iʼve been back nearly 9 times and have grown to call CWC my home away from home. It is a spectacular view but the local crew is really what makes this place so special. Everyone is so friendly and inviting, you get to see the biggest smiles out there.

Life at CWC is simple yet tremendously diverse. There is a new opportunity around every corner and behind every carrier. Taking in little animals, like our little kitty kitty, was only one of many hobbies developed during our stay. If it is not for the progressive wake park set up, the amazing views, the always kind and welcoming locals, it must be the people that it attracts. This wake park is somewhat of a melting pot, attracting people from all over the world. Where different cultures meet and coexist with no impact from the outside. Itʼs a beach resort for people who donʼt like beach resorts 😉 In fact, if it werenʼt for CWC I would have never met some of the most inspiring people that I call my friends.

I first met Madison White on one of my many trips to Naga. From the moment I met her, I knew she was a force to be reckoned with. This lady shreds with such smooth style and brings so much creativity to the water. Not only is she a ripper, but sheʼs also the life of the party wherever she goes and for that, I will also always be a big fan of hers.
Lisa Baloo, on the other hand, is probably one of the most free-spirited people Iʼve ever met, and her riding reflects that so much. She is incredibly fierce and sends everything to the moon. She is so passionate about pushing herself and in doing this, she finds a comfy spot as one of the top women on the water.
Katinka Buiting caught my eye about two years ago when she came out to CWC and straight-up blew us all away with her unique style and for being an all-around badass. This lady charges hard and is definitely one of the most stylish and fearless riders out there.


All of these badass women ( and plenty more not mentioned ) meet up at this patch of paradise all with a single common goal; shred our faces off. I was
fortunate enough to meet up with these ladies this past winter right before the world went sideways and our buddy Jay Hawley spent the day following us around and showing off some of what CWC has to offer. We usually start our day having breakfast, coffee, and playing with the little kitten we found. Afterward, we stretch and warm up, maybe hop in the pool before getting on the water to film and have fun. Fast forward a couple of hours and we find ourselves having ice cream at 7/11 before heading up to the famous CWC Plaza to ride during golden hour. There really isnʼt a better feeling than hanging out with your homegirls doing what you all love. The support and encouragement thatʼs between the women truly is powerful. I always look forward to my annual trip back with hopes of meeting back up with these legendary ladies of this sport to have fun, ride and push boundaries together. – Anna Nikstad