Interview Next Generation – Claudia Pagnini

Name: Claudia PagniniAge: 20Board: PeakBoard size: 141Stance: All inSponsors: Liquid Force, Roxy Ita, Oakley ItaBest contest result: Got first at Fise in 2018 and 2019, first in European, and World Championship in Jr. Division in 2018/19, second place in Plastic Playground in Bangkok, third in Plastic Playground in Bali, and Space Queen award in Space […]

One Shirt – No Problem with Naomie Wetzels

Yes we love the scene and yes we have a lot of shirts with sick prints but in the boring normal men’s T-shirt form or what sleeping by a friend and get a fresh shirt? Guess what, it’s a normal Shirt form! Get inspiration and do more with it! NAOMI WETZELS Born: 15.02.2001 Hometown: Obspringen Homespot: […]

Solid Grabs, Less Pirouettes – Momo-Logue

Servus, I am Momski and I love having a board under my feet.As my working life mainly focuses on management, structure, and optimization, I’ve been very lucky to have boardsports not only as a hobby but as my lifestyle, meditation, and creative outlet for more than 15 years now. Riding allows me to express myself. […]

Letˋs talk deep – Nadine Richter

NADINE RICHTER   Nadine is living her dream in Munich. When she is not wakeboarding, she is surfing or enjoying her time at the mountain. She is making her money by working in a surfing hall. Below you get to know the thoughts of Nadine. We are happy that Nadine is showing her vulnerable side […]


I remember my first glimpse of Mt. Isarog reflecting off the morning butter at CWC Wake Park. I couldnʼt really tell if I had just died in a fiery bus crash and made it to heaven or not because the view and vibe were like no other place I have ever experienced. I first visited […]

Interview With Leonie

ey Leonie! I’m always stoked to meet new girls and even more when they love to shred!  Hey, I`m super stoked to be part of this magazine!   How old are you and what are you doing right now?  I’m 16 years old and attending 10th grade. Despite Corona, I had a great season this year, […]