Sewer Cats -The Sequel

JOELINA GERARDS – ANNE FREYER – LUCA GLINSKI – SINA FUCHS  We did it again – camping chairs, stinging nettles, and sunburn. Spicy Food, rainy days, and camera issues. We spent four weeks in Czech – being 24/7 in free nature, enjoying the time together, stepping out of our comfort zone, and having a hell […]

WHY WINCHING? – Hannah Mennega

My induction into wakeboarding has been a rapid one. I didn’t step foot on a wakeboard until age 20, and my initial draw to wakeboarding stemmed from a love of snowboarding. Being from the Midwestern United States, I have a deep affection for handrails and rope-tow laps, and I like to think those Michigan snowboarder […]