Hey You! 

If you are wondering what this website is about, you’re in the right place.

Copycatsclub started in 2018

Let’s start from the beginning, Katinka Buiting and I played SKATE on the water one day at VWC and we pushed each other to do new tricks. We had really so much fun – one of the funniest days ever. “No thinking, just do it” was the motto for this session. 

Overthinking can be a very common problem for us girls., or not? Sometimes it’s better to not overthink and just “try” with friends. During the session, walking back to the dock with Katinka we decided since we are not skaters we should call the game something different. Our game focuses more on pushing each other to try new tricks than on who is winning or losing. After some brainstorming, we decided to call the game Copycat since the main gist was to follow each other and try to copy tricks. 

After some insecurity and doubt, I started the Instagram page @copycatsclub and got really nice responses about my concept. I didn’t get a million followers but I did get recognition from the girls who are really shredding out there and pushing the sport and that motivates me more than anything to keep pushing this idea! 

Thank You 

And…here we are!

Welcome to all Girls, Chicks, and Women who love Wakeboarding and having fun sharing the shred and want a good time together. We are all over the world so time together is not always easy – but we are out there and we are GROWING! I wanna see us grow along with this page, supporting each other, sharing news, and inspiration, and having a beer whenever we cross paths.

     You are welcome here Gal! 


A little about me

Hey! I’m Sina, founder of Copycatsclub. I grew up in Germany and started Wakeboarding six years ago in the middle of my dual sport economic study. In my last study year, I was working also at the cable so I can ride even more because I couldn’t get enough of this newfound sport. 

My Love for Wakeboarding was growing bigger and bigger by day. Now I’m representing Slingshot Wakeboards and traveling around the world chasing summer to get the most time on the water. Every day ready for a shred! 

I want to give back to this wonderful community that has given me so much! Spending my days’ Wakeboarding and now I can help grow the sport – and I love it! I started the page to give us girls something to bring us more together. Not just all girls meeting at contests or having 5 girls at the cable. Us women are strong but stronger together! 

Everything I’m doing is out of my own pocket and I’m thankful to get support in what I’m doing. So write me if you wanna be an official supporter of Girls Wakeboarding and cooperate with me. 

Thank you for your time.

See you on water, Cheers!